Research by Cultus Crop Research

Cultus Crop Research is specialized in research in all agriculture and horticulture sectors

Cultus Crop Research is your partner in research in all agriculture and horticulture sectors in the Netherlands. We would be happy to assist you in the following matters:

  • Integrity surveys for private GEP certification
  • Tests with statistical justification
  • Demonstrations and screenings
  • Carrying out test platforms

Cultus Crop Research Services

Cultus Crop Research itself is specialised in all nursery sectors and cooperates with external parties for all other sectors. We work with Giesen Crop Research for arable crops, for example. They have extensive experience in carrying out research in agriculture and several other crops. We carry out research in collaboration with our partner CAF (Centrale Adviesdienst voor de Fruitteelt) in the fruit cultivation sector.

When we work with external parties, Cultus Crop Research takes care of the project management while the actual implementation is carried out by experts that are very familiar with their crops. We have contacts throughout the Netherlands thanks to our extensive knowledge network.

  • We are in the possession of both the TNG certificate and the GEP certificate, which means that we are authorised to carry out tests with not yet certified pesticides.
  • Residue studies under GLP can be carried out in cooperation with BioChem Agrar from Uedem, Germany.
  • We make use of ARM for result reports and analyses.

You can contact Edwin Kohrman () for more information.

Part of Rhizome

Cultus Crop Research is part of the European network of independent CROs called Rhizome. Rhizome offers the possibility of conducting experimental trials (GEP and GLP) in all European Union Member States. Rhizome sets up trial designs for product approval as well as for the Research and Development phase. All the members have between ten and thirty years’ experience in agricultural experimentation.

With this initiative, we can now offer to your projects new opportunities of development on the whole European territory!
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