On this page you will find an overview of the certificates under which we are allowed to conduct research.

Our certificates


Cultus is in the possession of the GEP (Good Experimental Practice) certificate for efficacy testing. This study aims to determine the efficacy and safety of crop protection products. We have started this in the tree nursery sector and later added the agriculture and fruit cultivation fields. We have recently again expanded our GEP certificate, enabling GEP research in all agriculture and horticulture sectors, except for mushrooms.


We are in the possession of the TNG certificate, which means that we are authorised to carry out tests with not yet certified pesticides.


Residue studies under GLP can be carried out in cooperation with BioChem Agrar from Uedem, Germany.

Statistical analysis

An important component of GEP research is the statistical analysis of the test results. Because we are in the possession of ARM, we can carry out statistical analyses of the results. Results can be captured in a report or delivered in a raw ARM format to allow you to analyse and process them yourselves for your records. 

You can contact Edwin Kohrman () for more information.